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Corvidae Board Meeting – September 2018

Board Meeting – September 2018

Present: Randy,
Treeya, Sidonie, Todd, Margaret, Andrea


Treasurer's Report

  • 33 paid members, 1 honorary
    and 1 comped (Todd for website design)
  • Rent is paid and insurance,
    liability and property tax were recently paid
  • Next month, city business
    license will be due


PDA/Partners Report

  • Fortopia is October 7-12,

  • Corvidae will host an Open
    House (similar to Studio Tour), Tuesday, October 9

  • We need a few volunteers to
    participate with demo printing, etc.

  • Monday, October 8, 2018 –
    time TBA – we need a volunteer from Corvidae to sit at the info desk
    • Margaret graciously
      volunteered to take that shift

  • Treeya will go to a training
    session tomorrow and will ask:
    • What time are we signed up
      to host an open house
    • What time are we signed up
      to volunteer at the info desk
  • Centrum's artist residencies
    happen on a rolling basis, and our agreement with Centrum allows them to
    use our facility, and do
    not generally require us to be out of the studio during
    that time
  • We haven't heard definitively
    whether the dates for the November young artists workshop are set
    • We also need to determine
      what the hours are that they will use the studio, so we could potentially
      use the studio during evening hours
    • Martha offered to train the
      residents on proper use of the studio and equipment
    • Dorothy will look into
      pro-rating rent


    Membership Report

    • No change


    Studio Tour

    • Northwinds asked us to fill
      out a survey

    • Geralynn gave Margaret some
      feedback to share
    • Members of the board who
      were present thought it was a very successful studio
    • Lots of people who came
      through enjoyed looking at the print exchange exhibit – it was good to
      get that framed before the studio tour
    • Around 100 people signed the
      sign-in sheets for Corvidae


    Studio Supply Needs

    • Margaret suggested buying a
      small convection oven which works for a new ground process she has learned
      and likes

    • The board approved $300 for
      this purchase
    • Margaret will give a
      workshop on this technique next spring when she has tested out soft
      ground as well as hard ground and some other techniques

  • We could use more rolls of
    • In lieu of rolls, Dorothy
      has purchased large sheets of newsprint from U-Haul, they are under the
      tarletan shelf and look like a great size

  • Nothing new listed on the
    supply request list


    • Todd was present to give us a
      preview of the new website design — Looks really great!

    • There are still a few
      outstanding items but the progress looks really good.
    • The board will take a closer
      look and give additional feedback


    Next Board Meeting:
    Thursday, October 11, 2018 5:30 PM
    (during Fortopia!)


    Corvidae Board Meeting Minutes – August 2018

    Board Meeting – August 2018

    Present: Randy,
    Nancy, Sidonie


    Treasurer's Report

    • Dorothy posted the treasurer's
      report for the month


    PDA/Partners Report

    • Centrum has residents coming
      starting August 20 and would like to use the studio as per our agreement,
      as well as  exclusive use for
      Centrum residents Nov. 1-4

    • Martha offered to train the
      residents on proper use of the studio and equipment
    • Margaret was looking into
      pro-rating rent

  • The board did not have enough
    members present for a quorum but the present members recommend we open the
    studio to Centrum residents as requested
    • Nancy suggested someone from
      Corvidae membership might do regular studio check-ins to make sure
      everything is going well; any volunteers?

  • Fortopia is in October;
    Corvidae will host an Open House (similar to Studio Tour) so we'll need
    volunteers as soon as we have dates/times

    Membership Report

    • One of Corvidae's founding members expressed interest in returning but hasn't contacted Randy
      recently; Randy will get back in touch with her


    Studio Tour, August 18-19

    • Studio tour this weekend! 10a
      – 4p Saturday and Sunday
    • Studio tour volunteers put up
      a new display of beautiful prints and tidied up the studio — it looks



    • New website is still in
      progress; no update


    Next Board Meeting:
    Thursday, September 6, 2018 5:30 PM 


    Fwd: [Corvidaepress] Prep and Play for Corvidae Studio Tour

    Studio tour is August 18 and 19 10-4

    We need new samples of printing techniques on the walls. Bring a print and the plate, if you have it. Hang it in the appropriate area by Wednesday 8/15
    Etching, Lithograph, Relief, Monoprint, Monotype, Collograph, Stencil…

    Saturday afternoon 1-4 needs another volunteer. It is nice to have 3 people per shift, even more fun if there are four.

    Current sign ups
    Sat August 18 10-1
    1 Geralynn Rackowski
    2 Kate Snow – demo
    3 Maureen Piper
    4 Treeya Zukes

    Sat August 18 1-4
    1 Terry Person
    2 Jay Haskins

    Sun August 19 10-1
    1 Sidonie Straughhn-Morse – demo
    2 Dorothy Stengel
    3 Randy Arnest

    Sun August 19 1-4
    1 Debra Brochin
    2 Sharon Schlentner
    3 Andrea Lawson
    4 Ann Treacy


    Fwd: [Corvidaepress] Corvidae Press Board Meeting Notes – July 2018

    Corvidae Press Board Meeting Notes – July 2018

    Present: Margaret, Dorothy, Randy, Nancy, Sidonie


    Treasurer’s Report

    • Printmakers Hand fees earned equalled out the awards given out
    • Insurance is due in September and Business License fee is due in October
    • Report has been posted at the studio


    PDA/Partners Report

    • No meeting of the Partners this month
    • Margaret submitted our ideas for participating in “Fort-topia” but the Partners seem to have lost our submission so Margaret will follow up
    • Apparently the program is scheduled for mid-October


    Membership Report

    • 35 members, no updates
    • We’re about at max for members because storage space is full, Sidonie asked if we would ever consider offering a lower tier of membership that wouldn’t have storage space but would have access to the studio
    • If you have thoughts on that, email board@corvidaepress.com to let us know your opinion
    • At a minimum, we should start keeping a standing waitlist for when spots do open up


    Printmakers Hand IV Updates

    • Opening night July 7, 5:30pm
    • If you can help out and bring a snack, appetizer or sweet to share on the opening night, please do–
    • Bring items to Northwinds between 4:30 and 5pm


    Print Exchange Updates

    • Prints must be in the drawer by July 30 at the latest – earlier is better so we can hang them for Studio Tour!


    Studio Supply Needs/Concerns

    • Andrea has been managing the supply list
    • The photocopier got moved — maybe for Fiddle Tunes Festival? If it doesn’t get moved back next Board meeting, we’ll check with Centrum  — Ed note from Geralynn:  Copier belongs to Centrum. Typically it moves to building 204 (next door) for the summer music camps and returns early August after Blues week. Corvidae members can use it at 204, first floor room on south end.


    Studio Tour, August 18-19

    • Margaret will be reaching out to Geralynn to check the status
    • If you’re interested in participating, reach out to Geralynn or email the board, board@corvidaepress.com
    • The board discussed adding some cork board panels for additional print displays – Margaret will look into that


    • New website is in progress
    • We reviewed responses to the survey – thank you all so much for your thoughtful responses!


    Next Board Meeting: Thursday, August 16, 2018 5:30 PM

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