2013 Print Exchange

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Theme: Experiment using any print technique or combination of techniques.

Participants created editions of 13 8″x10″ prints for this exchange. The portfolios were assembled by coordinator Marion Bartl, and distributed August 2013.

Failed Experiment in Simplicity by Marion Bartl

Experimental sugar lift equivalent on polyester plate; 3 plates with under drawing.

My intention was to experiment with a simple image in translucent colors – very different for me – but it didn’t work, so the experiment was the technique.

Mandala by Debra Brochin

Wood Background Low Tech Etch Plate, oil based ink on Rives BFK.

Poppies by Geralynn Rackowski


After two unsuccessful experiments with low tech etching and a linocut print, I opted for an ‘edition’ of monoprints using the same color palette with inked poppy stencils superimposed on an inked plate. Purple coloring on the poppies was painted.

Cup of Grace by Sharon Schlentner

Dan Smith Ink & Charbonnel Inks, handmade paper, chine-collé onto Rives BFK.

Experiment! by Kathleen Snow

Monoprint on fabric: water soluble ink on tan and white cotton.

I’ve been curious about monoprinting on cloth for awhile so this was a perfect opportunity to experiment. Works quite well – some of the fabric absorbs a little more ink than paper. To make these suitable for framing I’ve mounted them on standard printing paper with fusible web. Every one different in this edition – monoprints!

Dendrites by Dorothy Stengel

Copper Etching – Charbonnel Aqua Wash (burnt sienna, Prussian blue) on Rives BFK.

Parts of the Whole by Sandra Stowell

Method: collagraph.

My experiment was to re-use some of my old linoleum and easy-carve plates. I cut up a selection of plates, and mounted pieces onto an 8”x10” board. I left five loose pieces to be inked separately. The board that supports the plate is cut in two sections that I also inked separately. I fitted the loose pieces into place, then I printed my plate with a single pass through the press for this edition.

Reed by Ann Treacy

Technique: Collagraph, chine-collé, Embossing and Collage

Homage to Matisse by Maggie Walthall

I am very grateful to Marion Bartl for introducing me to the fine art of printmaking and to Julie Abowitt for the opportunity to learn more. In addition, the Print Exchange has challenged me to successfully produce 13 prints. It is very exciting to be a member of Corvidae. I have always been inspired by Matisse’s paper cuttings and titled this print Homage to Matisse.

Night Falls by Jennifer Woodbridge

Tinfoil plate, experiments – Daniel Smith lamp black, water soluble oil inks on Rives BFK.

Turtle of Mazunte by Patricia Zukas, aka Treeya

Copper Plate Etching- Daniel Smith oil base etching ink on Canson Paper.