[Corvidaepress] Holiday Party

Dear Friends –

Please join us for the Annual Holiday Celebration in the Studio.

WHO: All members are invited

WHAT: Holiday Party and Brown Bag Print Exchange

WHEN: Thursday, December 14th.
Board Meeting (all are invited) 5:00-6:00pm
Holiday Party (all are invited) 6:00-7:00pm

WHERE: Studio, Building 205

WHY: Spread good cheer and bring a dish to share. If you wish, also
bring a print wrapped in plain brown brown paper to exchange.

See you there!

Stay tuned for Annual Meeting in January updates – The Board is looking
for new members…

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Corvidae Board Meeting Notes – October

Present: Meg,
Dorothy, Randy, Sidonie


Treasurer's Report

See attached for this month's report.

Dorothy has been
Treasurer for three years and would like to transition to a new role next year.
Huge thanks to Dorothy for all she does for us!

On that note, we are
looking for a new Treasurer. Randy will send out more information but please
contact Board@Corvidaepress.com if interested. Commitment is about an hour per
month plus monthly board meetings.



As Membership
coordinator, Randy will take over administration of the mailing list
(members@corvidaepress.com and board@corvidaepress.com) — Previously Sandra
Stowell had been maintaining it for us, but as she is no longer a member, the
board agreed that we should maintain that responsibility. A big thanks to
Sandra for maintaining it thus far and for helping transition it to us.



Dorothy attended the
Partners' Meeting and reports that the Partners have continued to develop plans
for their "Spring Break" program next June (see last month's meeting
notes for details). They drafted a schedule but we failed to send in our proposal
so we were not included. Meg has sent an email to Megan Claflin with our
proposal (a two-hour workshop plus open studio hours similar to Studio Tour).

Next year, we
discussed having a separate PDA Liaison role because we need to be sure we're
engaging with the Partners wherever possible and getting more involved. Dorothy
would like this role, as long as someone else can take over as Treasurer.

The Board discussed
engagement opportunities. Sidonie suggested we could aim to host quarterly
outward-focused workshops to invite more of the community into our space.

The Partners are
happy to promote our events (workshops, studio tours), etc., if we send them
the information.

Martha notified Meg
that Centrum wants to have another week-long workshop this coming year, and we
are excited to work with them again. There was some trepedation because of
concerns after the last workshop that the trash can was left full, etc., but
it's important that we are working together with our Partners and with Centrum,
so we need to improve communication 
among our membership as well as with guests to set appropriate

Randy offered to act
as a guest liaison to meet guests at the Studio and ensure they know where
everything is, etc.

Randy also offered
to coordinate any concerns/complaints/issues our members have with guest studio


**In the future, if
you have any concerns/complaints/issues related to guest studio use, please
sent those to board@corvidaepress.com and Randy will coordinate the response**



Please start
thinking about what kinds of workshops you'd like to see next year–whether
you'd like to host a workshop, or learn a new technique from another Corvidae
member, or bring in an outside instructor. We are soliciting ideas for next
year's programs.


Next Board Meeting: Thursday, November 2, 2017

Subsequent Board Meeting:

Thursday, December
14, 2017 5pm – followed by the annual Holiday
at 6pm


Corvidae Board Meeting Minutes – September

Corvidae Board Meeting Minutes – September

Present: Meg, Dorothy, Margaret, Sidonie, Randy, Nancy


Treasurer’s Report

Posted. Balance as of 9/6/17 is 15,249.61 with $2,424.00 in projected outstanding expenses for the year.



No changes.



We’ve talked about bringing in outside teachers but have no specific plans. If you’re interested in bringing someone to give a workshop, or if you’re interested in teaching a workshop, please reach out to the board.

Margaret is willing to give a workshop on her photopolymer process early next year.


PDA Update

Meg met with Hannah Burn from the PDA to discuss their chautauqua idea, planned for June 2018 (they’re calling it “Spring Break”). They’re planning to open up registration to 50-60 people from around the country for a week-long even doing educational classes at Fort Worden and tours around the area. We’re planning to offering an activity at the studio, maybe a 2-hr workshop and maybe also some open studio hours similar to Studio Tour, where we could do demonstration printing. Meg will write up a proposal and submit it.



Next partners meeting is the first Tuesday in October; Dorothy will attend for us.


Partners would like to offer a 1hr training on the Emergency Guide and Emergency Notification System on 9/20/17 at 10am in Dunbar room. Participation is optional but encouraged. The board would like some members to go and be able to discuss at our Annual Meeting. Please attend if you’re able.


Studio Tour

Studio Tour was a great success, thanks to all who participated.

We estimated 50 people came through, most were curious about what we were doing with a few people potentially interested in joining.

It worked really well to have two different processes going on (e.g., photopolymer process and monoprinting) where people could see a very technical process but also see lots of prints going through the press.

Would be great to have more members involved next year. Maybe we could have someone sign up as the coordinator for next year at the Annual Meeting 2018.


Next Board Meeting: Thursday, October 5, 2017 5:30pm

Subsequent Board Meetings:

Thursday, November 2, 2017 5:30pm

Thursday, December 14, 2017 5pm – followed by the annual Holiday party at 6pm

Corvidae Press Board Meeting Notes – August 2017

Present: Meg,
Dorothy, Margaret, Sidonie, Randy


Treasurer's Report

Posted. Balance as
of 8/3/17 is 16,079.62.


No changes. We
currently have 31 members.



If anyone is
interested in teaching, we'd love to get some more workshops on the calendar.



The PDA held a
survey on what to do with promotional money; they have decided to hold a
chautauqua–a week-long enrichment event where schools in Fort Worden will
offer classes/workshops/etc. We may want to participate. Nothing is determined



Studio Tour is
August 26-27; Dorothy will put up signage early on Saturday. We need volunteers to print during the tour; please
email Dorothy to sign up for a shift (morning or afternoon Saturday or Sunday).


Cell phone found in
the clean room. Did someone leave a phone at the studio?


Print exchange will
happen August 20.



We have a list of
needed supplies, Meg and Margaret are on it.


Next Board Meeting:
Thursday, September 7, 5:30pm