Corvidae Board Meeting – June 2018


– I'll be sending a survey about our website redesign shortly. Please take the survey and let us know your thoughts!

– Print exchange deadline will be end of July


– Sidonie

Corvidae Board Meeting – June 2018

Present: Andrea,
Dorothy, Randy, Treeya, Sidonie, Todd


Treasurer's Report

  • 2 New members! 35 total
  • We received $1500
    OnlineJuriedShows for Printmakers Hand; most of that will go back out in
    the form of prizes


PDA/Partners Report

  • Fort Worden is still planning
    a 65-person retreat-type program in the fall; we will participate

  • Margaret proposed hosting a
    walk-through with a short monoprint program – Partners don't seem aware
    of this so the board will get clarification from Margaret
  • Sidonie will check with
    Margaret to make sure the program is submitted and see what help she
    needs to get it coordinated

  • Fort Worden is setting up a
    new system that would get us a mailbox here at the fort for much less than
    the Post Office
    • The board agreed we want to
      use that system
    • Treeya will convey that to
      the board


    Membership Report

    • We have two new members; one
      paying member and our new web designer, Todd, who will be trading his
      services, for a total of 35 members
    • 35 is generally our maximum
      number of members; any new prospective members for this year will have to
      be approved by the board


    Printmakers Hand IV Updates

    • The board will be calling
      members to request help bringing refreshments for the Printmakers Hand
    • Please help out and bring a
      snack, appetizer or sweet to share on the opening night, 

    • Bring
      items to Northwinds for the reception on July 7 by 5pm


    Print Exchange Updates

    • End of July is still the
      loose deadline


    Studio Supply Needs/Concerns

    • Members of the board
      expressed concern about our members leaving the studio in rough shape

    • Please be respectful: clean
      up ink and glue, sweep the floor and be sure to lock the door anytime you

  • Andrea will price out a
    replacement for the aquatint screen

    Studio Tour, August 18-19

    • Geralynn agreed to coordinate
      the tour this year; thank you so much, Geralynn!
    • If you're interested in
      participating, reach out to Geralynn or email the board,



    • Todd Morrison, our new web
      designer, came to discuss options with us;
    • Sidonie and Todd put together
      a survey that will be sent out after this meeting



    Next Board Meeting:
    Thursday, July 5, 2018 5:30 PM



    Fwd: [Corvidaepress] Corvidae in August Studio Tour 8/18-19 Save the date!!

    ——– Forwarded Message ——–

    Subject: [Corvidaepress] Corvidae in August Studio Tour 8/18-19 Save the date!!
    Date: Mon, 14 May 2018 04:01:03 +0000
    From: Geralynn Rackowski via Corvidaepress <;
    Reply-To: Geralynn Rackowski <;
    To: members Corvidae Press <;

    Debra and I are glad to jointly coordinate the studio for the Art Port Townsend Studio Tour August 18 and 19.

    Note for the future, 
    These are the tasks the coordinator(s) makes sure happen. The coordinator doesn’t need to do them all.  Good idea to run items 4 and 5 by the Board.

    1 Put sign up list at the press 6 to 8 weeks in advance @ 7/1
    2 Send email to members asking for volunteers 
      Optimal is 3 volunteers/shift: 1 printing, 2 talk to visitors
      Sat and Sunday shifts 10-1 and 1-4
    3 Monitor signups and be sure all slots have at least 2 volunteers
    4 Set up displays and printing information on the walls at the Press
    5 Decide if we are going to have option to sell work.  
       If so since Corvidae is not collecting the money, cash or check made out to the artist and put in separate envelops by artist.  
       Or should the artist be present in order to sell.
    6 Pick up sign boards from Northwind the week before
    7 First group Sat am puts out signs
    8 Last group Sunday pm takes in signs
    9 Return signs to Northwind 
    10 Email thank you and brief report to the membership

    Blessings, Geralynn 

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    Corvidae Press Board Meeting Minutes – May 2018


    Board Meeting – May 2018

    Present: Margaret, Dorothy, Randy, Andrea, Sidonie 

    Treasurer's Report

    • Paid membership is at 32
    • Lots of supplies and expenses
      this month but nothing unexpected
    • Report is posted at the


    PDA/Partners Report

    • "Fall
      Break"/"Fortopia" – sometime in October, still not definite

    • Corvidae proposed two
      activities: (1) Open house similar to Studio Tour; (2) Participate in
      collaborative relief print project with PTSA


    Membership Report

    • 32 paid members
    • Some prospective members have
      asked Randy whether we can train new printmakers; the board agreed that
      our guild is set up for printmakers with at least some experience, and
      while we have workshops and educational opportunities within the guild, we
      do not provide introductory printmaking training – the board agreed that
      we might direct anyone interested in learning how to print to PTSA or
      other schools


    Printmakers Hand IV Updates

    • Show has been juried via
      OnlineJuriedShows and artists have been notified
    • About 130 entries; 45
      selected for the exhibit to be held July 5-29 at Northwind Arts Center


    Print Exchange Updates

    • Participants are working on
      their prints — time to get started if not!
    • No deadline posted but
      anticipated for June sometime


    Studio Supply Needs/Concerns

    • Angrea and Margaret are
      working on refreshing the ferric chloride, new material puchased, old
      ferric disposed of at hazardous waste facility in the boatyard
    • Margaret made a cart to make
      pulling the tank out easier, which should alleviate the spilling issue
    • For smaller
      items (<$25) or urgent needs, feel free to just purchase guild supplies
      and reimburse yourself out of petty cash
    • For larger items, add the
      item to the list by the printing room door

    • We have a new tarletan
      sorting system!

    • Oil-based-ink tarletans and
      water-based-ink tarletans are now kept separate, please help us all out
      by maintaining the system


    Studio Tour, August 18-19

    • Any volunteers to coordinate?



    • Todd Morrison, a designer and
      web-developer friend of Randy's, came to discuss options with us; he is
      willing to trade web-design for membership
    • The board agreed that this
      would be a favorable arrangement and a vote to approve Todd's membership
      was unanimously approved
    • Sidonie will work with Todd
      to develop and send out a survey for our membership about needs/wants for
      the website
    • The next board meeting will
      focus on options for the website

    • Discuss results of survey
      and website goals
    • Todd will present concepts

  • Goal will be to go live with
    a new and improved website by Studio Tour 2018

    Next Board Meeting:
    Thursday, June 7, 2018 5:30 PM

    • Anyone interested in
      contributing to the discussion on the website or learning about our
      options should feel free to attend


    Corvidae Board Meeting Minutes – April 2018

    Present: Margaret,
    Sidonie, Randy, Andrea


    No Treasurer's Report this month



    • 2017 Organizational
      Assessment Survey was completed by Margaret and Dorothy


    Membership Report:

    • Sharon sent an updated
      membership list
    • Randy has not updated the
      Gaggle list but will do so
    • We have 31 members, 30
      current on dues


    Printmaker's Hand IV

    • Deadline was extended to
      April 17; Corvidae Members are highly encouraged to submit entries


    Print Exchange

    • No deadline set yet but
      anticipated for June sometime


    Studio Supply

    • Large NuArc exposure unit



    • How to handle assessing
      supply needs and making purchases?

    • Option A: Every 6 months we
      use a board meeting to assess all common supplies and plan any purchases
    • Option B: Appoint a member
      to a new role, "Studio Monitor," with the responsibility to
      keep common supplies in stock
    • Option C: Both of the
      above–appoint a point person to be responsible for keeping an eye on
      supply levels and answer questions about supplies, but also use part of a
      meeting every six months to review supply level
    • Motion was made to enact the
      following process

    • Members will continue to
      use petty cash for items under $20
    • For larger items, add the
      supply to the Supply Needs list in the inking room on the left side of
      the door to the clean room
    • The Board will appoint a
      Studio Monitor to review the Supply Needs list and purchase supplies as
    • Members should contact with questions about supplies and the Studio
      Monitor will be responsible for responding to supply-related messages
    • Every six months, the board
      will review the supply levels together with the Studio Tech and plan for
    • Randy seconded the motion;
      the motion was approved unanimously
    • Andrea volunteered to step
      into the Studio Monitor role as she has been managing a Supplies list ad
  • Do we want to participate in
    Studio Tour this August? If so, we need someone to lead organizing the
    • Board agreed unanimously to
    • Point person will be
      responsible for signing up for the tour, coordinating members to
      participate, submitting an image for the pamphlet, picking up signage,
    • Interested in volunteering?
      Email the board ( by April 20, 2018

  • Webpage Administration
    • Do we want to leave the
      website as is, with Sandra graciously hosting it, or would we like to
      redesign the website with updated information, structure and design?
    • Suggestions: a survey, a
      committee, maybe hiring someone, etc.
    • Interested in getting
      involved? Email the board ( by the next meet, May
      3, 2018


    Next Meeting: May 3,
    2108 5:30pm-6:30pm