Print Exchanges

For photos from previous print exchanges, check out the gallery.

General information:  Corvidae members coordinate our annual Print Exchange on a volunteer basis. It is open to all members, but the organizer may choose to limit the number of participants on a first come basis.

The organizer(s) choose the theme, format, and constraints. Usually (but not always) themes are optional. The paper size is often limited to 8.5″ x 11″ for reduced cost & convenience.

Participants agree to make a print for each participant, plus 2 extra prints for the Guild. To date the edition has not been otherwise limited, so artists may create and sell additional prints.

Corvidae owns a set of 11″x14″ frames used to display the Exchange prints in the print shop hallway, and we have sometimes scheduled local exhibitions of the prints somewhere in town. And of course we celebrate the distribution of our print exchange folios with a party open to all members and guests!

2018 Print Exchange:

2018 Annual Print Exchange 

Create a print that is “not a rectangle”:  use any  print methods to make a finished print such that the print itself does not have a straight edge.

  • Limit 15 people (maximum prints to provide 17 including 2 for Corvidae)
  • Sign up deadline Feb 15
  • Prints need not be identical, just use the same processes
  • Paper size 8×10
  • Prints will be due  end of June (negotiable)

Coordinator:   Sharon Schlentner


CorvidaePrintExchangeLabel 2016
Below is the invitation sent out for the Corvidae 2011 Print Exchange, as an example of how this can be organized.

Dear Corvidae Press members:

This is an invitation to participate in the 2011 Corvidae Press Print Exchange.

For those who haven’t done a print exchange before, here’s how a print exchange works.  Every member who agrees to be part of the exchange makes an edition large enough to be able to exchange prints with all participating members, plus two for Corvidae Press. (But, see below in the event that more than 15 people sign up.)   Of course, the edition may be larger and the member may do anything he or she wants with extra prints.  The coordinators of the Exchange will provide folio’s for each person’s prints, and we’ll have a day on which we distribute and talk about the prints.

The prints will be displayed at Corvidae Press during Studio Tour, in August.

The rules of the Exchange are as follows:

By signing up for this exchange you agree to make an edition of up to 20 prints for the exchange.  The exact number will be determined after the close of the Registration Period (see below).   If you send in 20 prints you will get back 15 prints–because two of your prints will be kept by Corvidae Press and will be on display during Studio Tour and/or kept& in the press archives. Corvidae Press may also sell one of the prints, with proceeds going to Corvidae Press. If more than 15 people participate, we may divide the exchange into two or more groups, so as to keep the editions manageable (since there are more than 30 possible participants). This will be determined by vote of the group.

The prints in the exchange will be scanned and placed on the Corvidae Press web site, if that can be arranged with the web master.  The exchange pages might have links back to the Artists own website or homepage if they choose to.

Medium: Any hand pulled, press pulled printmaking process.  NO DIGITAL PRINTS OR GICLEE’S.

Theme:  Open (no theme)

Image size: open

Paper size:  8 1/2 x 11 inches

Paper type: open

Registration period: Sign up is open until March 21st, 2011.  This registration deadline should give printmakers plenty of time to make the July delivery deadline.  To sign up, just email Kate and Deanna at the email addresses below.  After March 21st we will let you know how many participants there are and how many prints to make for the exchange.

Delivery deadline for finished prints: Your Prints must be left at the Corvidae Press Studio for the coordinator by July 15, 2011.  A labeled box will be set up for this purpose.  If you cannot leave the prints at the studio, please contact a coordinator to discuss alternative delivery.

Delivery information:  In addition to the final number of prints (to be determined), please also provide:  Title of the print, artist’s full name, medium, paper name, kind of ink, any other information about the print or process you wish to provide. The coordinators will collate the prints and prepare a colophon.

The Print Exchange:  The Coordinators will prepare the prints for distribution to members at the Studio on the July “Shop Talk ” evening or other date if the Shop Talk evening doesn’t work out.  It’s very fun to have the artists talk about their images and the process of making the prints.

*** Details for Print Exchange Coordinators:

Organizing the Print Exchange is a simple process, and a great way to get involved & to get know other members. You need to use email, and you need to be in town to make your prints, and to collect , collate , & distribute the portfolios.

If you partner with someone familiar with our print exchanges, it gets even easier…

Here is the outline of activities for the coordinator:

  1. Send an email requesting participants to the membership mailing list. Ask who wants to participate and set a deadline for signup. See the example announcement above.

Include the due date for completed prints (usually in summer), and the date for the print portfolios distribution. This is often set for a Corvidae Shop Talk (a 4th Thursday) within a few weeks of the deadline.

If you want to set a theme, include that in the announcement.

  1. After the sign-up deadline, follow up with an e-mail to:   list the printers who have signed up, and state the number of prints each person will need to make,   =  # of participants + 2
  2. Label a flat file drawer at the Print Shop (2013 Print Exchange) for completed prints
  3. Send an e-mail reminder a few weeks before the print deadline.
  4. On the due date collect the prints from the drawer, collate to provide one print per participant plus the 2 sets for Corvidae. Make a folder for each using a folded sheet of acid free printmaking paper. Labels, ribbon ties, etc may be used at the option of the coordinator. Corvidae will reimburse for supplies up to $60.
  5. Send out an e-mail reminder before the portfolio distribution event.
  6. Party and enjoy: at the distribution printers take turns sharing their printmaking process and inspiration.

Usually the new prints are put into a Corvidae frame and hung in the Print Shop hallway, ready for a show if one is scheduled.  This can be done by the artists at the print exchange or shortly afterward.

The exchange coordinators are welcome to arrange a show, but are not expected to do so! Any member is welcome to coordinate a show. Past shows have been at Undertown, the Salal, and Better Living Through Coffee.