Corvidae Press Meeting Minutes – March 2018

Corvidae Board Meeting March 1, 2018 5:30 p.m.
Present: Margaret,Treeya,Nancy,Andrea and guest, Sandra Stowell
Sandra came to answer questions we had about our website. There was some discussion about whether or not it is serving it’s purpose. We all agreed it does. There was some discussion regarding the management of the website. Sandra will set up a current Board mailing list for us.
Randy is now the administrator of the Gagglemail list. Past members can unsubscribe themselves.
PDA/Partner’s report: Treeya
The partners are still making plans for Spring and Fall Break starting next Fall.
We are still not sure of the details and what part we will play in that.
The partners alternate hosting the monthly meeting.
Treeya was asked to host one of the partner’s meetings at Corvidae and give a short printmaking workshop. We suggested she let them know that our studio is not appropriate for a meeting and that she could give them a quick tour and explain that we are not a business but an art guild and members need to have access to use the studio for their work 24/7 with the exception of one week when it is being used for the Youth Explorations.
Member’s report: Randy
Randy sent the list of current members to Margaret.
We now have 32 members.
Randy is working on updating the gaggle mail list.
Printmaker’s Hand IV update
Printmaker’s Hand is still opened for entries until April 4,2018 April 17th.
Print Exchange Update:
There are 16 sign ups,closed until next year.
Studio Supply needs/concerns:
We have been contacted by someone who wants to take the large NUArc unit off our hands. We agreed to let them take it at no charge if they haul it away. Corvidae has been looking for a new home for it for some time.
Items/Discussion carried over from last meeting:
1.There was a question at the last meeting regarding guidelines for workshops. Margaret found useful information on the website.
2.There was a question regarding updating the booklet supplies list to match the website list. We will table this item and rewriting the Mission Statement or further changes to the booklet until next meeting.
Next Board meeting will be April 5,2018 5:30-6:30.
Meeting was adjourned at 7:00 p.m.
Reminder to all members–The studio will be closed March4-10,2018 for Youth Explorers
Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Fredrick