Corvidae Board Meeting Notes – February 2018

Present: Margaret, Dorothy, Nancy, Randy, Andrea, Sidonie


Treasurer's Report

  • 26 paid members. There's room for more members; if anyone knows someone who wants to join, have them reach out to Randy or to
  • Officer role clarification: Treeya will be the liaison to the Partners/PDA, but invoicing for rent will continue to go through our treasurer, Dorothy.
  • Treasurers report is posted on the bulletin board.



  • There was some confusion about the various organizations with which we're associated:
  • Centrum – The arts-promoting organization based in Fort Worden; Martha Worthley is our contact person for Centrum; Centrum partners with other organizations in Fort Worden, like Copper Canyon Press, the PT School of the Arts, and Corvidae. Our lease is through Centrum.
  • Partners – All the organizations based in Ft Worden
  • PDA – Public Development Authority, funds/managers Fort Worden operations; Representatives of PDA attend Partner meetings
  • Meetings have previously been held in the Dunbar room; now they will be hosted in various Fort Worden locations. Treeya is our new liaison. If the Partners would like Corvidae to host a meeting, Sidonie suggested that we might offer to "host" a meeting in another location (e.g., in the Commons or another room at Fort Worden) since we do not have any space where we could host a meeting in our studio.
  • We have heard that the "Spring break" week-long program of events that was previously scheduled for June may no longer be planned for June, but we do not have an update at the moment. As we learn more, we will let Corvidae members know.


    • 26 paid members, with two more planning to join. We have five new members this year. Welcome, new members!
    • If anyone needs an orientation (or re-orientation) session, they can reach out to
    • Margaret has updated the new member orientation sheet, which Randy provides at these orientations.
    • If members would like introductions to specific presses or processes, reach out to the members as a whole ( to see if who would be willing to help with that.
    • Storage for new members: Flat file drawer space is shared; some members currently have a drawer to themselves, but that may not
    • Randy will reach out to the few people who still have supplies boxes at the studio but are no longer members to ensure that they will collect their things to make space for our new members.
    • If you know anyone who would like to be a member, let them know. Membership is a great deal and we are still accepting new members.


    Printmakers Hand IV

    • Applications open with Online Juried Shows – January 5 through April 4
    • Corvidae members are encouraged to submit!


    Print Exchange

    • 12 members are signed up; up to 15 can participate
    • 8×10"



    • Marion is giving a beginners workshop Friday, February 2, so the studio will be occupied from 10:30am to 12:30pm
    • Anyone interested in giving a workshop is encouraged to do so
    • The board will draft a P&P for giving workshops to advise members on the steps that should be taken when giving a workshop
    • Margaret will reach out to folks who give workshops and create a draft P&P based on their input



    • If you find a supply is low or out, please go out and buy the supply
    • Reimburse yourself from the petty cash box up to $25 (place receipt
    • If the supply is over $25, send an email to Dorothy for reimbursement by check
    • If there's a bigger item, like new press blankets, feel free to email the board to ask about it
    • Feel free to also make a note in the supplies notebook by the door
  • According to the Flyer outlining our Guild (attached), these are the supplies Corvidae is responsible for:
    • Presses
    • Basic cleanup supplies (rubber gloves, soap, simple green, garbage bags, spray bottles, sponges, etc.)
    • Newsprint
  • Everything else that Corvidae currently offers is there because members have generously donated supplies
  • The supplies Corvidae offers as listed in the Flyer (attached) are slightly different than what's listed on our website – the board will review this discrepancy in the coming months

  • Website

    • Sandra currently manages the website but is no longer a member
    • Next month, we are inviting Sandra to our board meeting to discuss what this entails and whether a current Corvidae member could/should take over this responsibility
  • Randy has taken over managing the membership list

    Next Meeting Agenda

    • At our March meeting, in lieu of our usual agenda, we will be discussing:
    • Workshop P&P
    • Our current Mission
  • Website Management
  • Anyone who would like to discuss or make recommendations is encouraged to attend our meeting

    Next Meeting: March 1, 2018, 5:30pm at the Studio