Corvidae Board Meeting Minutes – April 2018

Present: Margaret,
Sidonie, Randy, Andrea


No Treasurer's Report this month



  • 2017 Organizational
    Assessment Survey was completed by Margaret and Dorothy


Membership Report:

  • Sharon sent an updated
    membership list
  • Randy has not updated the
    Gaggle list but will do so
  • We have 31 members, 30
    current on dues


Printmaker's Hand IV

  • Deadline was extended to
    April 17; Corvidae Members are highly encouraged to submit entries


Print Exchange

  • No deadline set yet but
    anticipated for June sometime


Studio Supply

  • Large NuArc exposure unit



  • How to handle assessing
    supply needs and making purchases?

  • Option A: Every 6 months we
    use a board meeting to assess all common supplies and plan any purchases
  • Option B: Appoint a member
    to a new role, "Studio Monitor," with the responsibility to
    keep common supplies in stock
  • Option C: Both of the
    above–appoint a point person to be responsible for keeping an eye on
    supply levels and answer questions about supplies, but also use part of a
    meeting every six months to review supply level
  • Motion was made to enact the
    following process

  • Members will continue to
    use petty cash for items under $20
  • For larger items, add the
    supply to the Supply Needs list in the inking room on the left side of
    the door to the clean room
  • The Board will appoint a
    Studio Monitor to review the Supply Needs list and purchase supplies as
  • Members should contact with questions about supplies and the Studio
    Monitor will be responsible for responding to supply-related messages
  • Every six months, the board
    will review the supply levels together with the Studio Tech and plan for
  • Randy seconded the motion;
    the motion was approved unanimously
  • Andrea volunteered to step
    into the Studio Monitor role as she has been managing a Supplies list ad
  • Do we want to participate in
    Studio Tour this August? If so, we need someone to lead organizing the
    • Board agreed unanimously to
    • Point person will be
      responsible for signing up for the tour, coordinating members to
      participate, submitting an image for the pamphlet, picking up signage,
    • Interested in volunteering?
      Email the board ( by April 20, 2018

  • Webpage Administration
    • Do we want to leave the
      website as is, with Sandra graciously hosting it, or would we like to
      redesign the website with updated information, structure and design?
    • Suggestions: a survey, a
      committee, maybe hiring someone, etc.
    • Interested in getting
      involved? Email the board ( by the next meet, May
      3, 2018


    Next Meeting: May 3,
    2108 5:30pm-6:30pm