Corvidae Board Meeting – June 2018


– I'll be sending a survey about our website redesign shortly. Please take the survey and let us know your thoughts!

– Print exchange deadline will be end of July


– Sidonie

Corvidae Board Meeting – June 2018

Present: Andrea,
Dorothy, Randy, Treeya, Sidonie, Todd


Treasurer's Report

  • 2 New members! 35 total
  • We received $1500
    OnlineJuriedShows for Printmakers Hand; most of that will go back out in
    the form of prizes


PDA/Partners Report

  • Fort Worden is still planning
    a 65-person retreat-type program in the fall; we will participate

  • Margaret proposed hosting a
    walk-through with a short monoprint program – Partners don't seem aware
    of this so the board will get clarification from Margaret
  • Sidonie will check with
    Margaret to make sure the program is submitted and see what help she
    needs to get it coordinated

  • Fort Worden is setting up a
    new system that would get us a mailbox here at the fort for much less than
    the Post Office
    • The board agreed we want to
      use that system
    • Treeya will convey that to
      the board


    Membership Report

    • We have two new members; one
      paying member and our new web designer, Todd, who will be trading his
      services, for a total of 35 members
    • 35 is generally our maximum
      number of members; any new prospective members for this year will have to
      be approved by the board


    Printmakers Hand IV Updates

    • The board will be calling
      members to request help bringing refreshments for the Printmakers Hand
    • Please help out and bring a
      snack, appetizer or sweet to share on the opening night, 

    • Bring
      items to Northwinds for the reception on July 7 by 5pm


    Print Exchange Updates

    • End of July is still the
      loose deadline


    Studio Supply Needs/Concerns

    • Members of the board
      expressed concern about our members leaving the studio in rough shape

    • Please be respectful: clean
      up ink and glue, sweep the floor and be sure to lock the door anytime you

  • Andrea will price out a
    replacement for the aquatint screen

    Studio Tour, August 18-19

    • Geralynn agreed to coordinate
      the tour this year; thank you so much, Geralynn!
    • If you're interested in
      participating, reach out to Geralynn or email the board,



    • Todd Morrison, our new web
      designer, came to discuss options with us;
    • Sidonie and Todd put together
      a survey that will be sent out after this meeting



    Next Board Meeting:
    Thursday, July 5, 2018 5:30 PM