Corvidae Annual Meeting minutes – Board Meeting, 1-7-18.html

 Corvidae Board Annual Pre-Meeting, 2018Present: Meg, Randy, Margaret, Dorothy, Nancy

Old Business:

  • Membership question regarding a member who came to a few board meetings, but received no emails regarding Corvidae business. The Board will contact this member to clarify the responsibilities of members, and ask for more current contact information. She is welcome to renew, and attend Board meetings to discuss this policy further.
  • Thanks to Marion, Nhatt and Randy for offering orientations to new members.
  • Print Exchange – thanks to Sharon for last year, and new information for this year.

New Business:

  • New Board elections
  • New Board positions – Treasurer and liaison with Partners
  • Workshops – who would like to lead new workshops
  • Member information. Members need to check the membership list for accuracy AND provide contact information when they register so we can contact folks and keep them current with Corvidae information.
  • Margaret will contact Sandra to see whether she’d like to continue managing our website. Perhaps the Board should assume this responsibility, assuming we could get training
  • Centrum internships – Artist in Residence, Sally S will be using the Studio January 21-Feb. 4 – Studio is still open for use
  • Centrum’s Youth Explorations, March 4-9 – Studio closed

Corvidae Annual Meeting, January 7, 2018

Present: Meg, Randy, Geralynn, Astrid, Richard, Marion, Loreen, Kate, Ann, Dorothy, Nancy, Sharon, Treeya, Margaret, Michael, Maureen, Noa

Introductions – current members welcome Astrid and Richard, and welcome Treeya back.

Print Exchange – Sharon explains the new Print Exchange idea of ‘Not a Rectangle.’ For this exchange, the plate should not have outside rectangular edges, but it should still be printed on 8×10 paper.

Printmaker’s Hand – Thanks to Kate, Loreen, Sharon, Deb and Margaret for organizing this. Juried online show in coordination with Northwind. Open to arteists in the six western states including Hawaii for submissions via . Submissions accepted through April. Bob Kochs is this year’s juror from the Augen Gallery in Portland. The show will be at Northwind in July. More information at:

Treasurer’s Report: attached – dues remain the same this year @ $250.00.

Membership Report: Randy will call 2017 members to see who wants to rejoin. Members please make sure correct emails, addresses and phone numbers get to the Board. We will print copies for the Studio AND email a current membership list to current members.

New Business:

Election of 2018 Board Members: President, Margaret Woodcock; Vice-President, Nancy Fredrick; Secretary, Sidonie Straughn-Morse; Treasurer, Dorothy Stengel; Member at Large, Andrea Lawson; Partner Liaison, Treeya Zukas – Randy will add Treeya to the corvidae board email list (

Workshops: Members, please consider offering a workshop to the group – it would be nice to have one in the spring and in the fall.

Open Studio Tour: Last year was very successful because artists were in the Studio working over that weekend. Consider taking a shift for Studio Tour in August.

Studio Opportunity: Noa is beginning a 4 hour, 2 models/2 genders life drawing session with live models and a press – bring your own plates and paper. For more information, email her at The first one is Sunday, January 14th from 6pm-10pm in Pioneer Square at 3rd and Yessler.

Noa is offering some display space at this venue for any project she is involved in – this is a great opportunity for Corvidae folks to show off in Seattle.

Website sharing: Margaret will ask Sandra if there’s a way to share member websites on the Corvidae page.