Who We Are

Corvidae Holiday Party 2014 We are local artists, many but not all from Port Townsend, who include printmaking in our artwork. Some of us are experienced print makers, trained in a variety of printmaking techniques, others have learned from workshops, books, watching, and most of all working in the print shop. Some of us focus on printmaking as a primary art medium, other members incorporate printmaking in mixed media work, or enjoy printing for variety.

Correction: this is our 12-2014 Print Shuffle & Holiday Party

Our Artists 2017

Randy Arnest
Carole Barrer, carolebarrer.com
Marion Bartl*
Diane Boeger
Debra Brochin, www.debrabrochin.com
Nancy Fredrick
Ron Harbour
Jay Haskins
Marion “Magpie” Hunt
Andrea K. Lawson,  www.andreaklawson.com, & on Instagram
Meg Mason
Loreen Matsushima
Anne McGowan
Todd Morrison
Linda Newberry
Nhatt Nichols, nhattnichols.com
Inge Norgaard, www.ingenorgaard.com
Nancy O’Lally Young
Luzi Pfenninger
Maureen Piper
Noa Piper, noapiper.com
Geralynn Rackowski
Sharon Schlenter
Patrick Slattery, patrickslatteryart.com
Kay Smallwood
Mike Smallwood
Kathleen (Kate) Snow, at Northwind Arts Showcase Gallery
Dorothy Stengel
Sidonie Straughn-Morse, www.sidonie.com
Ann Treacy
Michael Walsh
Lindsay Wayland, www.lindseywayland.com/
Margaret Woodcock

Private Training for Corvidae Members is offered by the following artists:
Marion Bartl, basics, lo-tech etching/intaglio, collograph
Jay Haskins, basics and photo-etching (aka photo intaglio)
Kate Snow, Solar plate, collograph & monotype

Please make training arrangements directly with the individual teaching artist.
Group workshops (more than 2 “students”) should be scheduled through the Board to avoid conflicts.

Corvidae Member Printmaking Interests: 2016 Member Poll

Note the photo above was taken at our annual holiday print shuffle:  no rules or edition required!  Just bring in one of your prints (+1 for your guest if you like) and enter your print into the brown bag drawing on arrival. We also do more formal print exchanges most years.

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