Joining The Guild

General Member Guidelines

Corvidae Press is an association of artists who share an interest in printmaking and who support and manage a common, nontoxic printmaking facility dedicated to the pursuit of the printmaker’s craft, with a focus on the education, community, and regional interaction. Corvidae Press is a nonprofit corporation governed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership.

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Membership Application


  1. Membership term is for one calendar year beginning in January. Late registration may be accepted until March first if the maximum membership has not yet been reached of 32 members. Any novice members will require appropriate training through workshops or private instruction by a member.
  2. The studio may be used by members, approved Centrum residents, and non-member workshop attendees only.
  3. No temporary substitutions may be made to memberships.
  4. Membership fees are nonrefundable unless the board makes an exception.
  5. Membership is subject to acceptance of studio guidelines. Members who violate the Guild guidelines will receive one verbal warning followed by one written warning: continued violations may result in dismissal from the Guild and forfeiture of fees.


  1. Annual membership fees cover rent, studio maintenance and repair, renovations and improvements, and a contingency fund. Any change in annual fees will be announced in September for the following year.
  2. Additional expenses will be estimated every six months (insurance, purchases of equipment and services, etc.) and presented to the membership by the treasurer at a regular members’ meeting; determinations will be made at that time.
  3. By-laws, accounts and records will be available to any member on request.


  1. A studio and equipment orientation is required for new members before initial use.
  2. Members provide their own materials, including inks, paper, film, and plates. Studio provides materials needed for basic functions – nontoxic cleanup supplies, press blankets, rags, newsprint, etc.
  3. Shared equipment must be used responsibly and the studio & equipment kept clean by members: there is no janitorial service.
  4. Individuals will be held liable for replacement value of damaged articles, including all studio equipment and presses.


  1. Keys and locking: There will be one key located in a lock box. Members will be given a key code. Last to leave must lock ALL studio doors (4) after use and replace key in the lock box.
  2. Fire is a studio hazard, therefore all combustible materials, including rags, must be kept in a closed metal container or removed immediately from the premises.
  3. The studio provides a storage bin each member for personal supplies. Members may not use other’s possessions or leave their own materials out when not using the studio.
  4. Materials left out will be put on the common shelves for anyone to take and use.
  5. Members must keep common area clean and floor swept. Please use the trash and recycling containers, and empty them to the dumpster and recycle receptacles in the parking lot across from studio as needed. The studio provides containers for trash in both rooms, and for recycling next to the west door.


  1. The studio is available for printmaking 24/7, except during scheduled workshops & exhibits, or by prior arrangement among members.
  2. Studio Log Book: Members must sign the Studio Log Book each time they enter and exit the premises in legible penmanship. Include your name, the date and time entering, and your exit time. The Studio Log Book is located near the west door to the studio.

By-laws and rules pertaining to the operation and use of the studio may be changed and new rules adopted by a majority vote of those present at a duly called member meeting.

Corvidae Press Membership Guidelines / Revised 5/4/2011