Workshop Policy


Guidelines & Policy for Corvidae Workshops and Private Lessons
All workshops must be scheduled through the Corvidae Board. This is primarily to avoid double-booking or over-booking the studio, since workshops generally occupy all the available space and prevent other members from printing.

Workshops are primarily for the benefit of members, but nonmembers may attend member workshops when space is available. Instructors should collect a $20 overhead fee from non-members (to be paid to Corvidae) in addition to their workshop fee.

Attention Members:  member-taught workshops are generally very low cost, and held for only a few students.  In fairness to the instructors, please plan to pay the full workshop fee if you cancel at the last minute, or fail to attend a workshop.

To avoid paying, please provide two weeks notice to cancel enrollment, or find a substitute to enroll in your place!

Guest instructors are encouraged to charge an appropriate cancellation fee for last minute cancellations.

Private lessons at the print shop are for Corvidae members or Centrum artists in residence only. Cost is set by individual teachers.

Private lessons between members who are already familiar with the basics do not need to be coordinated through the board, but are limited to no more than 2 “student members” to avoid access conflicts for other members.