Studio Closing Checklist

Corvidae Print Studio Cleanup / Close-up Checklist
Please check and complete these items on leaving the print shop:
Release pressure on the presses Note special instructions for the Whelan Press
Leave press beds CLEAN and DRY Soap & vinegar w/oil-based ink, dishsoap & Windex w/ H2O-based ink, clean rinse after both!
Check press blankets: if damp spread to dry Never fold blankets, lay flat or roll loosely
Clean inking stations & counters Use windex on glass & a damp sponge on counters (no solvents on paint, please!)
Wash, dry & replace brayers, palette knives, etc. Close curtain over brayer shelves: sunlight damages them
Dispose of plant fragments, lino chips, paper, food crumbs, etc. in addition to used newsprint & larger scraps.
Fragments on the counter end up the ink that will ruin prints…
Clean & put away your own items: printing plates, paper, storage box, etc.
Hang damp towels to dry Wash & return dirty/inky towels
Empty sink, basins, & paper soaking trays Wipe basins, squeegee sink, leave squeegees rubber UP (handle down in containers is good)
Tidy & wipe surfaces in “clean” room as needed
Check/lock front door & both interior hallway doors
Check/empty trash if full: park dumpsters are across the road. Trash/recycle is NOT picked up: we haul out to the park dumpsters. Please put new bags in the bins.
LOCK all doors  Check/lock door to the restroom as well as outside doors.