Equipment List

DRAFT: Corvidae Press Equipment List (DRAFT)

The following list documents the equipment and tools that Corvidae Press members have available for use at the print shop.


The following equipment is considered part of the facility for use and enjoyment of the members. This equipment shall not be removed (unless for repair or replacement) without agreement of the membership. Members are responsible for taking good care of all the equipment, and reporting any problems or damage to the Board. Members may make minor repairs, and/or replace basic tools for items under $25.

Higher cost repairs or replacements must be approved by the Board. High cost repairs & replacements may not be immediately possible. Various donated equipment is not guaranteed to be repaired or replaced.

Members will be held liable for all damages resulting from misuse of the equipment!

ANY problems with the presses, the developer units or the press blankets should be reported to the Board immediately.

Reimbursement for repairs or replacements for items under $25 may be taken from petty cash or by request to the treasurer. Please include a receipt.

  • American French Tool press w/ 52″ x 30″ bed (Centrum)
  • Ettan press, 18″ x 36″ bed (Centrum)
  • Whelan Press, 22″ x 38″ bed(Guild)
  • NuArc Image Developer (for photo etching)
  • “Haskins Built ” Vacuum Exposure Unit (for photo etching)
  • Large Flat file storage drawers for paper (3 units)
  • Block printing press
  • Proofing press
  • Glass inking stations (6)
  • Glass plate prep station (1)
  • Mat board cutter
  • Drying rack
  • Light box
  • Heat Table
  • Press Blankets
  • Aquatint Screens (small & large)
  • Light box
  • 34″ x 68″ built in sink
    • Metal storage container for flammable rags, etc.
    • Paper soaking & developing trays (various sizes)
    • Vertical etching tray for ferric chloride
    • Paper tear bar
    • Stanley squares (2)
    • Metal yardsticks (2)
    • Metal straightedge (1)
    • Brayers
    • Large roller
    • Misc. inkers, barrens, etc.
    • Pallette/ink knives
    • Heat guns (well hair dryers 🙂
    • Spray bottles (for water, vinegar, alcohol)
    • Measuring containers & spoons
    • Miscellaneous hand tools:
      • Hammer
      • Pliers
      • Vice-grips
      • Files
      • Plexiglass scoring tool
      • Allen wrench set
      • Lg. allen wrench for tightening the Ettan press handle
      • Mat knives


  • Miscellaneous linoleum cutting tools, bench hooks (1 for now)
  • Step stool
  • Brooms (2)
  • Dustpans (2)
  • Counter brushes (2)
  • Clear plastic storage bins
  • Plastic sink basins
  • Recycle bins


Note: two of the presses, a flat file, and some miscellaneous equipment came with the (rented) facility. One press, and most other equipment is either owned by, or on loan to, the Guild.