Annual Financial Projection

  Corvidae Press 2014 Income & Expenses Projected  

** This report is not an account balance projection: we have a modest savings fund from contributions, membership dues, and Printmaker’s Hand entry fees in past years, which we have been able to carry over for a financial safety net.


  Annual Dues $250.00  

  Members 26   One honorary member

  Income from Dues $6,250.00   Honorary members do not pay
  Printmakers Hand entry fees @50*$35) $0.00   Not this year
  Income from Workshops * $0.00   Non-members pay $10 extra to Corvidae
  Income from Sales $0.00  

  Income Miscellaneous $0.00  

TOTAL INCOME:   $6,250.00  



  Rent $4,503.72 * $375.31/month to Centrum
  Insurance: liability & property damage $565.00  

  Insurance: officers indemnification $576.00  

  State Filing Fee $10.00  

  State Dept. of Revenue License $36.00  

  Post Office Box $88.00  

  Misc. expenses $50.00   Event supplies, etc
  Supplies for Print Shop $400.00  

  Web site (domain name & site hosting) $12.00  

  Studio Tour $0.00  

An NAA Art Port Townsend promotional event w/$100-150? entry fee

  Print Exchange Materials $25.00   Paper & labels for portfolios
  Printmakers Hand $0.00   Juror fee, advertising,printing
  Equipment purchases $0.00  

  Repairs $75.00  


TOTAL EXPENSES:   $6,265.72  

DIFFERENCE (gain or loss):   -$15.72